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Miles to Memories - Fun Side of Miles, Points & Travel

Nov 11, 2021

Episode Description

In this episode we speak to Richard Kerr who is the Director of Travel Rewards for Bilt Rewards. He gets a little nerdy with us and pulls back the curtains a bit into the other side of travel loyalty programs. What goes into developing a great program and how it may be different than you think.

We also dive into Bilt Rewards including how it works and why it is different than other "rent payment" services that have come before. We also talk family RV travel on the heel of Richard's recent 40+ day RV trip and discuss the brand new Capital One Venture X card including what we like and some of the questions we still have about this premium card.

Find more about Venture X here:

Episode Notes

  • 2:28 - Talking Atlanta & Braves World Series Win
  • 7:39 - Richard's long stories background in points & miles
  • 11:12 - Working directly with 2 U.S. presidents
  • 12:06 - How Bilt allows you to earn rewards on rent
  • 17:04 - The Bilt Mastercard, ecosystem & transfer partners
  • 20:49 - Behind the scenes of the formation of the Bilt loyalty program
  • 24:28 - Pulling back the curtain on loyalty programs - the other side
  • 27:49 - The RV lifestyle and family road trips
  • 31:32 - Over the top campgrounds and the ones that are scary
  • 35:07 - Planning a 40+ day family RV road trip
  • 37:17 - RVing and camping at Walt Disney World - Worth the effort?
  • 42:49 - New Capital One Venture X card
  • 46:49 - Unique tech behind Capital One's travel portal
  • 49:39 - Will Venture X Keep People in Capital One's ecosystem?
  • 54:22 - How to apply for Venture X & support MtM

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