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Miles to Memories - Conversations About Miles, Points & Travel

Dec 10, 2020

Episode Description

In episode 69 Bethany Walsh of Bougie Miles returns to the podcast! We discuss what NYC is like right now, what countries you can visit without quarantining right now and thinking outside the box with a Paypal Key play (that no longer exists, alas).

As we recorded, news broke that AMEX shut down a bunch of accounts so we discussed that as well. All that plus rapid fire on a fun episode!  

Episode Notes

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4:27 - What’s NYC like right now for residents and tourists? (Curbed article)

18:39 - A clever play with PPK and Plastiq and AMEX shutdowns (!) 

28:55 - Countries Americans can visit without quarantining

40:11 - AA offering at-home covid testing for travelers

41:42 - Getting a USPS refund

42:35 - Amex shutting down accounts (updating)

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