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Miles to Memories - Miles, Points & Travel

Sep 12, 2019

Episode Description

In episode 5 we discuss resisting every deal and beating FOMO for your own sanity. We dive into Las Vegas' latest despicable fee and how resort fees in general are getting out of control. Shawn and Mark also give an overview of their week at FinCon and CardCon and why meetups and conferences are important in this space.  They also overview their stay at the Park Hyatt in DC, go over some quick deals and there are some outtakes of course!

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Episode Notes

$1400 RT in business class to Japan

1:33 - How the Delta Vacations deal went wrong for Joe (temporarily)

6:12 - The stress that sometimes comes with "good deals" and when good deals go bad (Shawn's Jetblue account getting hacked)

12:55 - What causes our FOMO and dealing with it

20:00 - Break

22:10 - Cardcon and Fincon trip report, the value of networking

33:56 - Park Hyatt DC Impressions (Trip Advisor reviews)

39:14 - Las Vegas introducing more dumb fees h/t View from the Wing (Tips for avoiding Vegas resort fees)

46:10 - Quick Hits (Discover stacking, AA portal bonus)

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