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Miles to Memories - Miles, Points & Travel

Sep 26, 2019

Episode Description

In Episode 7 we discuss Citi DoubleCash becoming the IT card, how Vegas casinos are being bought and sold at a record pace and Home Depot draining gift cards.  We end with some quick deals plus some outtakes!

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Episode Notes

0:00 - What we've been up to: Mark's visit to Yankee Stadium and various Disney trip planning stories from Shawn and Joe

6:55 - Issues with gift cards bought at Home Depot with Happy Guy cards 

12:05 - Vegas Casino News (link)

19:15 - Miles to Memories Vegas meetup

20:40 - Break

21:46 - Citi Double Cash points to be transferable to Thank You Points

30:20 - Discover auto converting IT cards to IT Miles? (link)

32:29 - Chase checking and savings bonuses ($600)

34:27 - Hawaiian introduces basic economy

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