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Miles to Memories - Miles, Points & Travel

Nov 5, 2020

Episode Description

In episode 64 we have a special guest, Ryan from Miles to Memories.  We discuss his recent trip to West Africia, how he was denied boarding, discriminate against in the airport and other shenanigans that happened along the way.  We also talk about point valuations and play a fun game in the outtakes. 

Episode Notes

2:43 - Mark in Vegas!

6:09 - Mile and point valuations

20:06 - Ryan's trip to Africa

21:53 - Adventures at the airport

29:20 - Dealing with tricky border crossings

37:37 - Flying to Mauritania (!?)

40:17 - Smoking in Casablanca

43:13 - Circa Tour Video

43:26 - Chase Sapphire Preferred first

44:53 - Maximizing Uber credits

48:37 - Bonus Segment! International Destination: Real or Fake?

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