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Miles to Memories - Conversations About Miles, Points & Travel

May 25, 2023

Episode Description

In this episode Jasmine Coomer returns to talk with Shawn about their recent travels, how she was stranded in Memphis and why Graceland is worth the hefty admission fee. Plus is the new Hyatt Caption brand any good?

They also discuss their recent adventures in Japan and flying in Japan Airlines...

May 18, 2023

Episode Description

On this episode Shawn is joined by long time miles & points blogger and podcaster Lee Huffman from Bald Thoughts. Shawn and Lee discuss some of the pitfalls of miles & points and how to avoid them. They also discuss freelance corporate content vs. personal blogs, the dangers of some travel hacking...

May 11, 2023

Episode Description

In this episode Shawn and Joe discuss their trip planning, a new Southwest perk, Rakuten’s big week, travel pet peeves and a whole lot more! Plus, some random landscaping talk that’s sure to be a lot of fun. 

Episode Notes

6:01 - Trip planning to New Zealand, Japan, Asia and more

23:10 -

May 4, 2023

Episode Description

In this episode Shawn and Joe discuss the many recent changes to travel plans including a last minute business class saver award to Japan and how Shawn just couldn’t resist. They’ll talk through the planning process, getting hotels and upgrades plus the Japan rail pass. Other topics covered...