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Miles to Memories - Fun Side of Miles, Points & Travel

Oct 3, 2019

Episode Description

In Episode 8 we talk about the violence in Cancun and how we deal with traveling to places deemed dangerous.  We also take a deep look at the Delta credit card changes and increased offers, talk about quirky first class travels, various news and deal topics plus outtakes.

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Episode Notes

1:22 - Upcoming travel plans

7:27 - How we handle traveling to places that might be deemed dangerous by some (Decapitation in Mexico)

16:38 - Break, check out the new MtM Award Booking Service!

17:40 - AMEX Delta credit card changes

30:47 - Our quirkiest first class experiences (Cheapest ways to experience international first class)

37:20 - Global Entry renewal timeframe

37:42 - AMEX Uber credit fixed

39:21 - More 5X deals at office supply stores, 5X deals we miss

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