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Miles to Memories - Miles, Points & Travel

Sep 17, 2020

Episode Description

In episode 57 we have a special guest, Ian Snyder, who talks about his recent international trip to Istanbul. We talk about the travel experience during the pandemic, customs, top sights in the city and all the dang cats!  Ian also shares Turkish redemption tips, we talk about Hyatt’s amazing promo and maxing out the Hyatt Brand Explorer perk.

Episode Notes

3:25 - Introducing Ian

8:13 - Turkey basics

12:45 - Istanbul as a tourist

19:32 - Istanbul cats

22:39 - Immigration and customs during covid-19

26:45 -  Turkish redemption tips

29:46 - Have any of Ian's 48 hour trips been affected by delays?

31:54 - Hyatt Brand Explorer

33:17 - 7 least visited countries

34:25 - Hyatt Bonus Journeys Promo


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