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Miles to Memories - Conversations About Miles, Points & Travel

Dec 24, 2020

Episode Description

In episode 71 we discuss whether or not we are done cashing out points, for now. We also talk about our favorite holiday trips of the past and ones we are looking forward to in the future.  Lastly, we speculate which program will devalue first in 2021, two cards you should get right now and say goodbye to Observation Deck.

Episode Notes

1:38 - Catching up

9:26 - Holiday travel highlights and goals

16:43 - Which airline will devalue first?

20:47 - Are we still cashing out points?

24:37 - Trips we’re looking forward to in 2021

33:49 - Two cards to sign up for right now

35:31 - Back to Vegas construction tour

36:03 - The last Observation Deck


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